When it comes to durability, nothing is more reliable than concrete. However, exposure to the elements can cause damage due to frequent exposure. Up until now, Harlem area property owners had to choose to either live with the damage or invest an excessive amount of money in removing the slab and replacing it. Yes, this still happens, yet an increasing number of Harlem property owners are leaning towards the more practical side, concrete repair.

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Concrete Repair vs. Concrete Replacement – Harlem

Concrete repair is a highly recommended choice for Harlem property owners, unfortunately, it is not always the wise or right choice. The question then becomes how does one know if a slab can be repaired or not? We have put together a brief guide:

  • Seriousness of the Damage – If there are cracks and they are way too deep and the gaps too large is a sign of a deeper issue, thus, it might be more practical to have the entire slab replaced.
  • Cause of the Damage – Determining the cause of concrete damage can be difficult, thus it’s important to hire a pro, such as Augusta Line Striping, for a proper assessment. Freeze-thaw damage is one of the worst types and is caused by water penetration that freezes and thaws repeatedly. This cycle causes water to expand and frequently compress, pushing the concrete until it weakens and breaks apart.
  • Structural Damage – This involves the steel reinforcement underneath a slab. If a rust-like liquid is oozing out of cracks, then the steel has rusted. When the steel rusts, the entire structure needs to be redone, so a replacement is most likely the best option.

Harlem Concrete Repair Options

There are several options for concrete repair, in Harlem. 

  • Resurfacing – For obvious surface damage, replacing the top layer with an overlay or coating is a recommended concrete repair application. Resurfacing provides the old slab with a new appearance and an increasingly functional surface at an affordable cost.
  • Refinishing – The process of transforming the appearance and finish of an existing concrete slab. Refinishing is a perfect solution for dealing with stubborn stains and discoloration. Common options include staining, polishing, and sealing.
  • Resealing – Sealing concrete is a must to manage its high porosity. A layer of sealer will only last for a couple of years and less time for high-traffic areas. It is recommended concrete surfaces are resealed every couple of years to maintain its protection and shine.

Reliable, Dependable, and Effective Harlem Concrete Repair Solutions

Concrete damage is an eyesore. Do not stress when there are reliable solutions available to restore your concrete to its original beauty. Augusta Line Striping provides reliable, dependable, and effective concrete repair services for Georgia and South Carolina.

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